On Campus

Beyond LEADR, MSU has a number of digital resources for students, faculty, and staff:

  • Library DSL: the MSU Library’s Digital Scholarship Lab staff offers consultations and can give an overview of what’s available and who has expertise in related areas. The landing page of the website has a request a consultation option. 
  • MakeCentral is part of the DSL in the library and has equipment that anyone can check out (including faculty or multi-department projects).  
  • DH@MSU: the campus-wide digital humanities initiatives. The website points to funding and resources. It also has information about the graduate certificate and undergraduate minor in digital humanities.
  • Project Incubator program: this structured training/mentorship program offers pre-application consultations. 
  • MSU Domains: through this initiative, faculty can use free web hosting with Reclaim Hosting.  
  • MSU Commons: this campus initiative is part of Humanities Commons (which anyone can join). Users can create a scholarly online profile and WordPress websites for free. They can also use the Core Repository and form Groups for communication and resource sharing.